Trump’s Travel Ban: The Big Question!

It is a very big shame that most people(liberals?) have drank the wine called “political correctness”, to which they have blatantly refused to be rehabilitated from.
One does not have to be liberal or conservative to argue articulately that the travel ban from those seven nations is not a Muslim ban for the following reasons;
1. Are there other religious minorities living in these nations?
2. If there are, are they exempt from the said ban?
3. If there are not, why is this so?
4. Why aren’t there protests against the killing, suppression, oppression and victimisation of religious minorities in these nations

The questions are endless.So, whether you agree on not, there abounds extreme vetting everywhere. If you are seeking admission into college, you need to properly identify yourself. To get registered with the doctors you need to identification. You need proof if you claim to be married, born in Jupiter, graduate from an institution e.t.c.

So why the fuss?

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